Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse

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Amoeba Zone - A match-up zone  

Teaching Team Defense to Youths:  Coach Hilgartner explains some drills that he uses to teach the concept of team defense

Principles of Playing Team Defense Coach Reed shares the teaching progressions of both the Princeton-styled sliding defense and the Near-Man sliding defense.

Defending against a dodger from X

Defensemen: Proper Positioning Footwork and Stickwork  the fundamentals of playing defense are covered including footwork, stickwork and proper positioning.

Defensive Positioning From Different Situations  Coach Hilgartner breaks down the fundamentals of on-the-ball defense from different locations on the field. Make sure you scroll through all the choices on the rt side.

Defending the 4v3 Fast Break  UNC Head Coach John Haus explains some the fundamentals and positioning to defending the 4v3 fast break

Man Down Defense  Coach Hilgartner explains several defenses that could be used during man down situations