Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse

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For the safety and well being of our players, coaches and families, we are providing this friendly reminder of the rules and regulations which must be followed in order for us to continue to be permitted to use the Carmel Central School District facilities. Please review these rules with your family and be sure that everyone follows them at all times.
Thank you for your cooperation and support of our quality Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse (CRYLAX) programs.
  1. There is NO SMOKING on school grounds at any time. This includes the parking lot.  THIS IS NEW YORK STATE LAW.
  2. ANIMALS are NOT permitted on school grounds at any time as per BOARD OF EDUCATION POLICY.  Animals get easily over-stimulated in big crowds, especially with loud cheering. There have been numerous cases when children have been bitten because a dog became overwhelmed by noise and/or a child was eating/carrying food. To avoid this, please be sure to follow this rule. 
  3. Strollers, bicycles, skateboards, roller-skates, scooters, chairs of any type, etc. are not permitted on the track at any time.
  4. The only beverage permitted on the turf field is water. Any beverage that contains sugar, corn syrup, (i.e. Gatorade) is not permitted. These beverages cause the rubber infill and grass blades to bind together. Water is the only beverage permitted on the turf. 
  5. Food, candy or gum is NOT permitted on the turf field.
  6. All trash should be placed in the trash receptacles located at various locations throughout the campus. 
  7. Children should be supervised at all times and not permitted to play on school equipment that is not part of the program or sport that they are participating in (i.e. climbing and playing on miscellaneous football equipment on the middle and lower fields. Jumping on the rolled gymnastic mats in the gym (during basketball season). Using this equipment for any other reason, other than which it is intended for, can pose potential hazards for children and others, especially if the children are not being supervised closely.
The schools have cameras located in many locales, which enables them to monitor the proper use of facilities. Please adhere to these rules. If we do not follow them, we may be forbidden from using the buildings and grounds of the CCSD.
We thank you again for your cooperation and enforcement of these policies and procedures. If you should have any questions regarding the above mentioned, please contact Eric Aabel or any Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse Board Member. Contact information can be found on the website