Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse

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carmel, NY
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There is limit on the total number of players each team may carry on its roster. Most teams carry six to nine defensemen, six to nine attackmen, nine to twelve mid-fielders and three goalies. This provides three complete rotations of players (4 for mid-fielders). This is only a general rule of thumb and will vary considerably based on availability of players and coaching philosophy. There can be a maximum of four long sticks on the field at any one time (not including goalie). The remainder must be short sticks.

There will be situations (penalties) where one or both teams will be required to play with less than the full ten-member team. These are typically known as Man Up or Man Down situations and are usually handled with special field formations. Upon issuance of a penalty, which requires one or more players to go to "The Box", substitutes are not permitted to take their place. Teams must play with a reduced number of players until officials release penalized players back onto the field.