Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse

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carmel, NY
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The game is played on a rectangular field measuring 110 yards long by 60 yards wide. The field is marked at 55 yards with a centerline and at 30 yards across the centerline with an (X) to indicate face-off zone. (See diagram).

Goals are typically manufactured of steel or aluminum, measuring 6 feet square at the widest opening and converging to a point 7 feet behind the opening. A mesh net is tightly secured to the goal. Each goal sits inside a circle with a radius of 9 feet, called the crease. Each crease is positioned 15 yards from the field's end line and 30 yards from each sideline.


Goal Area - area inside restraining lines at each end of field.

Defense Clearing Area - area behind two solid lines that run across the field 20 yards in front of the goal.

Wing Areas - indicated by two lines, 20 yards long and 10 yards in front of each sideline.

"The Box" Area - is located directly in front of the officials' table and is used as a holding area for players to wait out their penalties. It is also the access area for substitute players entering and exiting the field.