Carmel Rams Youth Lacrosse

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Crylax Uniform Purchase Policy 2022

**** Only Applies to 3rd - 8th Grade Players ****


We will continue to use the same design and vendor for our 3rd - 8th grade uniforms.  We recognize that many of our players remain the same size from one season to the next and end up with multiple uniforms.  If you are a returning player and your uniform fits, you do not need to purchase a new one.  If you only need a new top, or just a new bottom, you may purchase them separately.  ALL 3RD GRADERS and any NEW 4TH - 8TH GRADE PLAYERS will need to purchase the reversible jersey and shorts

We are offering the uniform at a discounted rate of $25 for the top and $25 for the bottom for all players.  If you are 3rd - 8th grade and need a new uniform, please purchase your uniform during registration.  We are discounting the uniform when purchased through registration.  If you need to purchase the uniform after registration closes, please email .  After registration closes, the uniform discount will expire, and each piece will cost our full price of $36.  Please take advantage of the discount, and if you need a uniform top and/or bottom, order it during registration.